Where do the donations go?

The best possible home for each book is found. Some go to local charities like Friends of the Library or homeless shelters, or to hospitals or schools. A few are sold to readers, collectors, or students, raising funds for the continuation of the program and for partner charities. Books that we can't find a home for are recycled, saving trees. No book is ever thrown away.

Do you accept anything besides books?

Yes! We also take CDs, DVDs, Audio Books, and LP records.

Is there anything you do NOT accept?

We don't take the following items:
Law libraries
Scholarly Journals
Textbooks more than five years old
Library books

A few mixed into a large donation is okay, but no more than a box. Also, please no moldy or dilapidated books, or books missing pages or spines. Highlighting and underlining is okay.

What areas do you offer free pickup service to?

All of Los Angeles county. We will also make pickups anywhere in southern California for certain exceptional donations -- please call 877-877-4080 or email us if that's the case.

Are you a non-profit organization and can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Re-Book It is not an organization. It's a free community service provided by The Last Bookstore, the largest remaining used and new bookstore in California. However, we can provide a tax receipt for your donation from one of our partner 501(c)3 organizations upon request. 

Does Re-Book It PURCHASE Books, CDs or DVDs?

No, it is a donation pick-up service only. To see if The Last Bookstore will purchase part or all of your collection, please go HERE to visit the site and contact the Last Bookstore's buyers.

Is there a minimum number of items required for pick-up?

Yes, we prefer at least 4 boxes or 100 books/LPs/DVDs for any area outside of downtown LA or directly adjacent, due to overhead costs.

Do you accept pick-ups from other counties in Southern CA?

Yes, we will consider Orange, San Bernardino, Ventura, and Riverside counties if the donation is at least 40 boxes, already boxed, and no more than 2 hours from LA.  Please email us about such requests.